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2nd Round Auditions

We’ve finished up our 2nd round of SKYMAN auditions despite Lucifer’s best efforts to thwart our progress. Despite a pretty grim weather forecast, the sun actually came out for part of the day and the rain itself was fairly light, which made for a solid turnout for the day.

I’m always amazed at how jazzed the actors are after my audition process. It seems that it’s not too often they get a chance to improv during a reading. For me, it’s essential to work that exercise in to an audition. Not only to break up the monotony of the day, but mainly to see how the actors really think on their feet. Some can get thrown off when you suddenly go ‘off book’, which, more me, is a quick way of determining if they’re too married to the ‘process’ rather than being married to the ‘character’. Anyone can memorize lines and even deliver a solid performance, but what’s most important is ‘wearing’ the entire character like a jacket. Responding to a question or situation through all your senses, not just the ones your conscious of. Improvisation is a great way to see how easily someone falls into this ‘state’ if you will…and for me, where much of the magic can happen on set.