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Subdued and temperate, “Skyman” refuses to lean into the mystery of Carl’s claims or wind us up for a final resolution. Those elements might be present, but they’re never allowed to obscure what is essentially an empathetic, textured portrait of loneliness and loss.

- Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times

“‘Skyman’ works well as a tragicomic look at the nature of extraterrestrial obsessives. After a random expert opens the movie by explaining that such true believers are ‘looking for something science can’t prove,’ Myrick digs into the psychological factors driving that desire with enthralling results.”

- Eric Kohn, Indiewire

"Dan Myrick has done it again!  This time via a fresh and compelling look at the UFO 'subculture' in general, and specifically, 'Carl Merryweather'--one grass roots individual who has devoted the balance of his life to the search for further 'contact'. Myrick deftly weaves the 'doc' and the 'drama' into a fascinating piece of cinema, chock full of familiar references for the UFO cognoscenti. Oh, and check out those 'easter eggs' will ya?!!" - Carole Carle, "Behind the Obsidian Curtain"

“Carl's belief in his own story is clear but did it really happen? Follow the clues and enjoy the ride! I did...immensely!” - Ken Cherry, E.P.I.C. founder/former Texas Director MUFON.


It was a cool October evening in the middle of the Mojave desert back in 1987 when a young Carl Merryweather had an experience that forever changed his life. After having just received his brand new pellet gun, Carl was on the prowl for wily jackrabbits that inhabited the endless miles of sand and scrub that surround the recently completed family retreat, more accurately described as a “glorified bug-out shelter”, by his father. But instead of finding his prey hunkered under a piece of parched earth or hiding in a Creosol bush, Carl discovered a far more elusive “life form” that descended from the pristine heavens above. 


Carl claims he was visited by an Alien.

Some of our super cool photographs are from Michael Gibeault. 

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